CD112R/PVRIG is a member of poliovirus receptor-like transmembrane protein family and acts as a new coinhibitory receptor for human T cells. CD112R is preferentially expressed on T cells and inhibits T cell receptor-mediated signals. Moreover, the ligand for CD112R is CD112, which is widely expressed on antigen-presenting cells and tumor cells, CD112R competes with CD226 to bind to CD112. In conclusion, disrupting CD112R-CD112 interaction enhances human T cell response. Expression of CD112R is highly correlated with the expression of other co-inhibitory molecules, including PD-1/PD-L1 and TIGIT.

Anti-CD112R antibody clone R12 provides high specificity in combination with an inherent high signal to background ratio and is best suited for multiplex IHC studies on human tissues.

ONCOdianova developes and validates antibodies against tumor immunology biomarkers for immunohistochemical applications. ONCOdianova’s goal is to provide best antibodies for analyzing expression profiles of tumor markers in human tissues. ONCOdianova considers CD112R and TIGIT as best IHC markers for use in tumor immunology research. Apart from this ONCOdianova provides antibodies against other important biomarkers like Calreticulin mutations.

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