Calrecticulin is an endogenous protein, which has several functions in the human body dependent on the localization. The functions of calreticulin are widely spread from protein folding in the endoplasmatic reticulum (ER), inhibition of Wnt-signals inside the nucleus and extracellular cell matrix interactions.

Calreticulin plays a role in cancer, since together with thrombospondin 1 Calreticulin stimulates collagen synthesis. During cancer progression a change in Calreticulin expression has been observed – either a reduced or an intensified expression has been reported for several cancers.

CALR-Mutations are found in 67% of the cases in ET (Essential Thrombocythaemia) and 88% in PMF (Primary Myelofibrrosis) cases with not permutated JAK2 or MPL. In MPN (Myeloproliferative Neoplasm) CALR mutations are mutually exclusive with JAK2 or MPL mutations. This is why detection of CALR mutations allows to close a diagnostic gap in ET and PMF patients not showing any JAK2/MPL mutation.

The anti-CALRmut antibody (CAL2) can be used for detection of all different types of CALRETICULIN mutations in MPNs. Moreover, CAL2 enables reliable distinction of CALR mutated ET and PMF from PV (Polycythaemia Vera) and reactive bone marrow alterations.

CAL2 immunohistochemistry (IHC) has the huge benefit to enable faster and more cost-efficient identification of Calreticulin mutations in FFPE bone marrow biopsies. The exclusion of JAK2 mutations allows better diagnosis of PV. Furthermore, the differentiation between Type1 and Type2 Calreticulin mutations in the CAL2 molecular analysis can be achieved.

Apart from Calreticulin (CALRmut) and related tumor markers, ONCOdianova focuses on antibodies against tumor immunology markers like TIGIT and CD112R. ONCOdianova develops and validates antibodies against tumor immunology biomarkers for immunohistochemical applications.

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